Activity 1:  Keyboard Camp: Watch the video!  Get Stars!  

Keyboarding is an integral part of technology classes.    Starting in 3rd Grade Students begin TypingClub.   By 7th and 8th a majority of our students have completed 60 of 100 lessons.   This gives them an average typing speed of 30 words per minute.  Each Class begins with 15 minutes of keyboarding or coding.  Students that have completed keyboarding are switched over to  the 15 minutes of coding which reinforces 10 Key skills and common core standards of math.

White Typing Club.png

Activity 2:  Log in and use, it's wicked fun! 

Take the six youtube lessons.  Make something interesting in Tinkercad.   

Use this link

Activity 3:  Clean that Nasty Phone!  Your keyboard as well!

Let's be honest.   Your phones are gross.   We hold them all the time, set them on counters, even take them to the bathrooms with us.    Here is a great video about how to clean your phone. If you don’t have a phone, clean someone else’s!   Here is a really good video on how to clean your phone.   Peace!

Activity 4:  Coding with Art!

A really neat way to Code with Art!   Check it out!

hour of code.jpg

Activity 5 : Coding Express!

hour of code.jpg